by Kim on March 4, 2012

Whew, yesterday was super action-packed.  So action-packed that I’ll have to tell you all about it over two posts.  To kick off the morning, I headed down to the Trinity River for the Trinity River Levee Run 5K/10K.  I decided to go ahead and do the 10K even though I had been feeling bad all week and hadn’t gotten much exercise in.  The cool part about this race is that we cross the brand new Margaret Hunt Hill bridge (which is designed by Santiago Calatrava, a spanish architect) before it is open to vehicular traffic.  

Knowing that I’d been sick all week long, I knew I probably wouldn’t have a great time but I figured I needed to get my long run in for the week and by doing the 10K, I would wipe out 6.2 of my 8 miles, plus I’d get to experience running over the bridge twice before it opens up for regular use.  The gun shot and we were off.  If you can tell from this picture, the start line is at the base of one side of the bridge so we immediately are running uphill over the bridge.  It was super crowded and I was spending more time dodging people than noticing the cool architecture.  Once over the bridge, we headed over to the design district and the 5K and 10K split.  I was feeling okay for the first three miles, but I was eager to be done.  Then I started to hit a wall.  My pace started to drop and I transitioned from passing people to being passed by others.  At one point somewhere between mile three and four I was setting pace with an other man who was dragging his feet on the pavement and grunting and spitting every few seconds.  I wanted so badly to get past him but my body wouldn’t move any faster.  After what seemed like 8 thousand miles, but was probably more like a half of a mile, I couldn’t take his grunting anymore and I dropped back and let him get ahead of me.  He stayed in my sight for about another half of a mile, but I was relieved to not be right next to him.  Then, he ran over to the side of the road to tie his shoe and jumped back in right next to me. AHHHH.  No more grunting man!  Get away from me!  Get away from me!  I am not nice when I’m running in races or at least I’m not nice in my head.  And this was no exception.  I wanted to push this man over so his grunting would stop, but instead the 5-mile water stop beckoned me and I walked through it, chugging as much water as I could as Grunting Man continued on his merry little grunting way.

Finally “alone”, I could enjoy the bridge as I crossed over it again to the finish line.  It’s pretty cool with what seems like an optical illusion element to it from certain angles, but as you get closer and closer to the center, you realize that there isn’t any optical illusion about it.  It’s funny how the eyes can easily be tricked.  Anyway, after 6-ish miles, I was finally able to “appreciate” why I was running in this race to begin with, but I was more excited to appreciate the bridge after I crossed the finish line.
Woohoo, I survived!  After 59 minutes and 51 seconds, I crossed the finish line.  Not my best 10K, but not my worst either.  (Okay, I’ve only ran three 10K races, so it only had a one-in-three chance of being my either best, worst, or right in the middle.)  I stopped for a bottle of water and a banana then ran back to my car, leaving me with 1.1 miles left to run for the day.  I took off, heading home to finish the 8-mile run and meet up with Nick and his mom and step-dad for the rest of our action packed day, but before I made my way back over the Trinity River, I stopped to snap this cool picture.

Showered up and ready to go, Nick and I picked up Nick’s mom and step-dad who are in town visiting for a few days.  We had the whole day planned and our first stop was none other than the Margaret Hunt Hill bridge for the street fair!  Okay, you’ll have to bear with me, I took a ton of pictures (most of which I’m not even posting on here because it gets a little redundant).  But I had a lot of fun with Instagram yesterday.  What a cool app!  I’m hooked on it now!

 Nick’s Mom and me

Freeway Ends sign, heading west over the bridge

Heading back east over the bridge, towards downtown

The Dallas Skyline from the bridge

And that concludes the tour-de-bridge-o-rama!  From there, we headed to our next stop to work on Project DFW and then dinner with a special conversation, but you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to hear about it!

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