Dresdner Does DFW: St. Patrick’s Day On Greenville

by Kim on March 18, 2012

Before I go blogging away, I want to make a quick shout out and congratulate my friend, Beth, and her brand new fiancé, Brock, on their engagement which took place yesterday!

Sorry for the mini blogging hiatus.  I don’t have any excuse.  I just took a couple of days off from blogging and still haven’t unveiled my new project, but don’t fret, that will be coming soon, but first, I am crossing one off my list.  My Project DFW list that is, or what is now named Dresdner Does DFW.  Number six on the list is to drink a beer at the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and Block Party on Greenville Ave.  I’ve skipped out on this activity for the past four years to avoid the crowds, but knowing full well that this is a temporal event that only happens once a year (on St. Patrick’s Day) and with the possibility that we may move out of DFW at any moment, I figured I better get on this item so I could officially cross it off the list.

To kick the day off, we started with the Dash Down Greenville 5K.  I should have taken pictures of the crowd before the race  but I wasn’t thinking.  Runners were dressed up in all kinds of green costumes.  Nick and were in normal running clothes, as you can see from these pictures that I took of us on the train on the way down to the race starting line.

I decided not to even start my Nike+ GPS for this race.  I’ve been in a really bad spot mentally the past week or so when it comes to running that I didn’t want to record it for my time and pace.  The day before, I set out to do my last weekend-long-run (10 miles) before next weekend’s half marathon and I made it to about mile two before I stopped running and walked the rest of the eight miles.  Really, I haven’t had a good, strong, solid run since my 7-mile-weekend-long-run a few weeks ago and I’ve been feeling frustrated and unprepared for the half marathon ever since.  I know it’s all mental at this point, but nothing changed for the St. Patty’s Day Dash Down Greenville 5K.  Like I said, I didn’t even start my GPS tracker and was just going to go with the flow, but I got moving and I started to think that I needed this race to be successful in order to feel like I could get through next week’s half marathon.  I took off and left Nick behind me and was doing well.  This race was super crowded, just like the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving, so I was dodging people left and right.  Then I got near mile marker two and things came to a halt, literally.  I was weaving through the crowd and was right behind a runner who suddenly stopped dead in the middle of the road.  I ran right into her!  Luckily we both were able to catch our fall and neither of us face planted into the pavement since we were going in that direction.  Slightly un-phased by the collision, I continued on for another quarter of a mile and which point I realized that I could have gotten hurt from that incident and I started to get upset.  I wanted to see Nick at that moment!  I ran over to the side of the road and searched and searched until he appeared a minute or two later (although I told him that I was standing there for what seemed like four hours).  I broke down in tears.  (Seriously, who cries in the middle of a 5K race?!)  I finally was able to speak and told him that I ran into someone and it shook me up and just needed to see him.  We jogged another quarter of a mile together as I cleared my head and he said to go ahead and finish the race.  I picked up my pace and crossed the finish line knowing full well that this race did not go at all as I hoped and left me feeling even more frustrated.  The end result: 34:09.  I got through it, sweat and tears, but luckily no blood involved!

So moving right along with the day.  After the race and race festivities, we ran into Central Market (the main race sponsor), and changed in the bathrooms, then gradually made our way to find a spot to watch the St. Patrick’s Day parade, about a half of a mile walk down Greenville Ave.

Proof that I was at the parade!

Once the parade was winding down, we walked the remaining mile and a half to the beer garden.

It got more and more crowded as the day wore on and I had my required beer for the day:

After my one beer, I stuck to water and amused myself by watching all the drunk people.  I even saw two guys get pulled away by the cops.  One of them had blood ALL over his face and the other guy was handcuffed and taken away in a cop car.  That was very entertaining!  (But I didn’t get any pictures out of “respect” for those drunk dudes.)

As the day wore on, Nick and I got tired of the festivities.  We’d been up since 6:30 AM and we were ready to shower off, relax, eat dinner, and have a good night’s sleep!

We parted ways with Nick’s friends and the Greenville St. Patty’s Day festivities and made our way back home!  I can now say I’ve experienced St. Patty’s Day in Dallas as it should be celebrated and I’m not sure if I’ll do it again, even it we are still living in the DFW area in years to come.  While the people watching is great, stupid drunk people get annoying after a while!  Happy (belated) St. Patrick’s Day everyone!

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