Mother’s Day Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches

by Kim on May 13, 2012

Why hello there!  Happy Mother’s Day!  No, it’s not another Project Cookbook post today, but there are pictures of food.  In honor of Mother’s Day, I thought I would give these Strawberry Shortcake Cookies a try.  Almost a year ago (May 25th, 2011, to be exact), my mom emailed me this recipe that was passed to her from a friend.  Quoted email:

This is a cookie recipe that I am sure you will like.  They taste like strawberry shortcake but don’t keep long….great for a get together or a picnic.  A friend shared this with me.



Well, this email has been sitting in my inbox the entire time and the other day I got the bright idea to finally make this sweet treat and archive the dang email.  (On a side note, I’ve been itching to do some MAJOR spring cleaning, and that includes my email inbox!)  Because these cookies don’t keep long according to my mom and only a day according to the recipe, I knew there was no way Nick and I would devour a whole batch of cookies in 24 hours (well, I’m sure we could, but we’d probably feel nasty from sugar overload afterward), I decided the best way to keep them from going bad was to freeze them!  And what better way to freeze them, than with ice-cream sandwiched between two!  I used the good-old Texas brand, Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla.  So there you have it, Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Sandwiches!

And while I’m at it, I’ll share a couple of fun things from the weekend.  So yesterday the local Big Ten alumni clubs got together for a second annual picnic at White Rock Lake.  Last year the picnic took place in August when we were in the middle of the 60+ day streak of temperatures over 100 degrees.  Let’s just say the heat plus grills are not a great combination.  The clubs learned their lesson and this year it was held much earlier (yesterday) and as luck would have it, Friday was rainy so the weather on Saturday was cool and refreshing.  Being on the Michigan Alumni Association board for the Dallas club, I was somehow designated to be the ring-leader for our club for this picnic, which meant I did the grocery shopping.  Before heading down to White Rock Lake, I stopped at the store and picked up burgers, chips, and water for 18 people (we had 22 RSVP, but doing a lot of club functions, I’ve learned that people who say they are going to come don’t come so the guest list ends up being much shorter).  As expected, only 10 of us showed up from the Michigan club, so I still over-bought, even when I was  underestimating from the RSVPs!  The picnic was fun, but ended shorter than expected due to a smaller than expected turnout for all of the clubs and stormy clouds overhead.  I packed up the Michigan gear and headed home, letting Nick know I was on my way with left over burgers.  He responded back that he was getting the grill going and I told him I’d stop at the store to pick up some fancier toppings beyond what was purchased for the picnic.  As I pulled into the grocery store parking lot, I saw a bunch of balloons outside the frozen yogurt place and a ton of people.  I was curious, but ran into Tom Thumb first.  Upon purchasing my groceries, I walked over the frozen yogurt place to find out what was going on.  They were giving out FREE frozen yogurt and toppings.  I’d only been to this location once before in need of a sweet treat and thought it was tasty so I did what any person in their right mind would do, I got FREE frozen yogurt and brought it home to stick in the freezer for a treat later on.

Nick and I enjoyed our dressed-up burgers, but it definitely ruined dinner.  Several hours later, I dug in to my fro-yo treat.  It was just okay.  I remember it being better that time before.  I thought I got the same flavor- vanilla, but perhaps I didn’t.  It was sugar-free and I felt like I could taste the sugar substitute, which, to me, tastes way sweeter than sugar.  I was disappointed, but at least it was free.  After dilly-dallying for the rest of the evening, I decided I was going to go to Tom Thumb for the third time for the day to do our weekly grocery shopping.  At this point, it was already 8:00PM (on a Saturday night) so I figured the store wouldn’t be crowded and I could get everything done then and not have to worry about it on Sunday.  Well, I was wrong.  Tom Thumb drives me crazy. (I only shop there because it is conveniently located right across the street.)  They were out of several items on my list (which happens regularly).  And on top of that, I find that everything there is WAY overpriced.  I came home very grumpy and ranted to Nick about it for a good 10 minutes before taking a nice hot shower to calm me down.

Since Tom Thumb came up short as usual, I headed to Central Market this morning during church hours to hopefully beat the crowd.  Surprisingly, Central Market was pretty crowded for 9:00 AM (probably because it’s Mother’s Day), but I got my remaining grocery items and came across these beautiful Mother’s Day flowers.

 I love the blues, greens, and yellows; colors I have in mind for our wedding next summer.  Tempted to buy a bouquet, I just snapped some pictures and walked away.  At least now I have them photographically recorded so I can refer back to the flowers as we move forward with wedding planning.

Well, I’m off to do some household chores, some Project Cookbook cooking, and a nice afternoon walk.  Happy Mother’s Day!

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