Marathon Training Week 6

by Kim on September 1, 2012

Week 6

(Thanks DRC for the photo!)

Sunday 8/26
Scheduled: 30 minutes  of cross training.  What Actually Happened: A rest day.  I had every intention of going to the gym for a Pilates class or to hit up the stair master but the day got away from me.  I’m not beating myself up too much about it since I did do strength training on the previous Friday, a scheduled rest day.

Monday 8/27
Scheduled: 30 minutes of running at a recovery pace (12:05 minute mile pace).  What Actually Happened: I went to BodyPump during my lunch break again.  Having been my second time at this location, I’m getting a suspicion (from overhearing a conversation) that this class doesn’t have a regular teacher scheduled, so each week is someone new.  The class was fine.  Most notable was the back track, which was super intense and left my heart pounding!  After “work” Nick and I went for a 30 minute run in the neighborhood.  I know these runs aren’t that fun for him due to the act of running, but I really enjoy spending the 30 minutes together when we can talk about whatever and there aren’t any other distractions other than the pavement under our feet.

Mile 1- 11’43”
Mile 2- 12’08”
Mile 2.52- ?
Total Time: 30:02
Average Pace: 11’53”

Tuesday 8/28
Scheduled: 60 minutes of running with 4 x Strides (Strides at 10:18 minute mile pace).  What Actually Happened: As planned, 60 minutes with the DRC.  This was the first run that wasn’t a base run and I was a little nervous going into it, not quite sure what “strides” were.  But as Johnny, my pace leader, explained before we took off, the strides are short bursts at a faster pace.  The schedule said we were doing four strides, but we ended up doing six; four at 100-meter distance and two at 60-meter distance.  Johnny told us that it is really important to keep your wrists as close to your body as possible so you don’t use up extra energy through the bursts of speed.  I’ve gotten quite comfortable running slow, so I wasn’t sure how these strides would go, but it felt really good to have bursts of harder running (we went much faster than 10:18 pace while running the strides).  I’m excited to do them again!

Mile 1- 12’31”
Mile 2- 12’09”
Mile 3- 11’25”
Mile 4- 11’18”
Mile 4.88- ?
Total Time: 59:03
Average Pace: 12’06”

I also tested out my new water belt.  I’ve been trying out different options and I’ve decided that I need to have a different option for different lengths: a camelbak for the long runs, a water bottle for short runs, and a belt for the mid-length runs.  I’m really particular about things on my hips, primarily because my hips are very wide compared to my waste so things tend to ride up.

The chosen belt is the ifitiness Hydration Belt.  Once I got over trying to pull this belt down practically to my thighs, it stayed snuggly on my hips.

Wednesday 8/29
Scheduled: 30 minutes of running at a recovery pace (12:05 minute mile pace).  What Actually Happened: I started the day off with BodyPump!  Wednesday mornings are my favorite for BodyPump because the teacher, Lin, is so much fun.  She make jokes the entire time.  Love her!  I decided to up my weight today for squats, chest, and biceps.  Oooh-weee, it was hard!  Especially the biceps.  My left shoulder kept cracking every time I lifted the bar.  Not quite sure what that was about, but hopefully it’s not serious.  I considered going up on my back weights as well, but so glad I didn’t because the back routine she had us do today was really intense and my heart was pounding with my normal weight.  Later in the evening, I did the 30-minute run.  I had hoped to do the run with Nick, but he was stuck at work on a deadline so I did it on my own.  The only hitch to this run was the scheduled carpet cleaning I made for that afternoon.  The cleaners were supposed to come between noon and 4 PM.  Once the clock stuck 4, I called the company to find out what was up.  Of course I got the voicemail.  A woman called me back about a half an hour later.  She said she’d call the technician to find out what was going on and would call me right back.  When 6 PM rolled around and I still hadn’t heard from her, I called again.  She called the technician while I was on the line to find out that he was at least an hour from getting to my carpets.  Ugh.  Annoying.  I was ticked.  After I ranted to Nick on G-chat, I decided to go for my run as scheduled and if they called, they’d have to wait on me since I waited on them ALL DAY LONG.  Sure enough, 23 minutes into my run, they called.  I let it go to voicemail so I could at least get to 25 minutes.  When I listened to the voicemail, the guy said he was sitting in our parking lot, so I ran the rest of the way home and ended up being short of 30 minutes by 2:45.  Not too bad, but I was still annoyed.

Mile 1- 11’06”
Mile 2- 10’36”
Mile 2.54- ?
Total Time: 27:14
Average Pace: 10’43”

Thursday 8/30
Scheduled: 50 minutes of running with 4 X Strides (Strides at 10:18 minute mile pace).  What Actually Happened: I ran 50 minutes, the first 30 with Nick.  I did the three of the strides in the last 20 minutes.  The first stride was at the end of the 30 minutes with Nick, when we both sped up to get to the “finish line”.  Before we left, it looked like a storm was going to be on our tails, but it only sprinkled for a few minutes.  But the most beautiful rainbow appeared.  Two, actually, but the first one was probably the most perfect rainbow I’d ever seen.  If my phone wasn’t strapped to my arm, I would have taken a picture of it.  Oh well.

It’s hard to tell from the map, but I did a lot of looping around the same streets in the last 20 minutes.  I was worried it would start to pour so I tried to stick close to home in case of hail or lightening, but like I said, nothing much came of the storm other than a few sprinkles and humidity.

Mile 1- 11’39”
Mile 2- 12’17”
Mile 3- 11’12”
Mile 4- 10’41”
Mile 4.52- ?
Total Time: 51:12
Average Pace: 11’19”

Friday 8/31
Scheduled: Rest day.  What Actually Happened: BodyPump!  I actually made it to the class this Friday!  I stuck with my increased quad, chest, and bicep weights.  The biceps are still the hardest of the three!

Saturday 9/1
Scheduled: 5-mile Breakfast Bash race.  What Actually Happened: The 5-mile Breakfast Bash, of course!  Several people in my pace group met before the race, at 6 AM, our normal meet-up time, to do a loop around the lake instead of the race to get more miles in for the day than what was scheduled on our calendar.  I chose to sleep in to the glorious time of 6:15 AM (I normally get up at 4:45 AM on Saturdays) and do this race.  It was 80 degrees and humid when I left the house, so I knew this race would be an uncomfortable one.  (Come on fall, get here already!)  I got to Winfrey Point just in time to pick up my bib and take a few pre-race photos.

The photos probably look very similar to those from this race, and that’s because the starting point was at the same spot, but we ran in the opposite direction, heading south today instead of north, which also meant a killer hill to run up on the return.

Mile 1- 9’10”
Mile 2- 9’25”
Mile 3- 9’28”
Mile 4- 10’10”
Mile 5- 9’56”
Mile 5.08- ?
Total Time: 48:51 (unofficial time)
Average Pace: 9’36”

I ended up finding a couple who I paced myself with for almost the entire race.  I got ahead of them a couple of times when they stopped for water, but I waited for them to catch up to me again so I could follow them.  I have no idea who they were, but ended up talking to them a couple of times during the race, one, to let them know I was trying to keep pace with them, and two, offer support on that killer hill.  It helped me not think about running too much.  The first two miles were great.  But I started to get over the race by mile 3.5.  We were running into the sun at this point, which made it a little harder.  I stuck with the couple that I was pacing myself with until the last mile and they got ahead of my by about 100 to 150 yards.  I crossed the finish line with a smile and I was really happy with my unofficial time, especially since two months earlier my average pace what a minute higher!  It was hotter that day, but I can definitely say my body is adjusting to the heat and humidity!

After the race was the Breakfast Bash.  I walked around for a little bit before I got in line for the breakfast.

I tried the Zico coconut water, but didn’t care for it too much.

I was tempted by the massage tables, but I was too sweaty that I didn’t want to be touched.

And then I finally got in line for breakfast.  Holy cow was it long.  I didn’t even want anything other than a banana, but I wanted to get some photos for the blog so I stood in line.

Killing time while I’m standing in line.

Finally made it in!  Breakfast burritos.  Tempting, but those tortillas are crazy-high in calories and since I’m counting right now, I pulled out my willpower and walked right past them.

Coffee.  Walked right past as well.  No thank you caffeine.

Little cups of chicken and rice.  Looked good, but what I wanted was around the corner.

I did grab an orange juice to bring home for Nick.

Alas, my recovery-race-food of choice, bananas!

And there you have it, week 6 is complete!  I’ll post my official race time once the results are live, so be sure to check out my Race Results page soon.

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