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by Kim on April 2, 2014

I can’t quite remember where I left off in the story of the entryway ironwork.  I think I told you about the house that Nick and I “stalked” to figure out how they updated their entry ironwork, but as a refresher, here are the inspiration photos.



IMG_8188 Well, Nick has been busy, busy, busy with this home improvement project and I’m happy to announce that it is finally done!  But before we dive into the after photos, let’s look at what it looked like when we moved in.

IMG_8191 (I’ve given up on blurring out our house number.  I meant to, but I forgot to do it before I uploaded the photos, and let’s be honest, there are only like 2 people who read this blog (Hi Mom and Nick’s step dad!), so I’m not too worried about stalkers!)  This was way back when we had iron railings and side and top iron trim.

IMG_8533 The first thing Nick did was remove the railings and the top trim.  He got either a birthday or Christmas present that helped him remove the frillies from the side ironwork.

IMG_8536 The progress of cutting the frillies out.

IMG_8543 One done!  Onto the next one!

IMG_8544 And into the trash it goes.

IMG_8545 No more frillies!  It sat like this for a while before Nick unscrewed it and moved it into the garage to move onto the redesign phase.  Meanwhile, I got busy on modeling up the design so we would know the exact dimensions of wood and spacing.

Wood Iron Work zoomed out

Wood Iron Work Detail Back in the garage, Nick got busy painting the ironwork black and staining the planks of wood.  I couldn’t tell you which color of stain we ended using.  We bought two different shades at our neighborhood True Value and picked one of those two from a test strip.  Somewhere along the way, the two cans of stain got mixed up, so half of the planks got stained in one color and half in the other.  So Nick went back and stained them all BOTH colors, but ran out of one of the stains, so he went to Lowe’s to get another can and ended up picking up a third color, and then there was a mix-up with the can of stain that we’d matched our hardwood floors to (not either of these three colors), so the planks ended up getting stained with four different colors… so, in industry speak, it’s a custom color! 😉


IMG_8855 He got the first plank on!

IMG_8888 Then it was time to reinstall.  This proved to be a bit tricky.  The planks weren’t bolted on at this point, although all the holes were drilled.  He super glued the planks to keep them in place, but several of them fell off in the re-install process.  And getting that ironwork back in their original home was not an easy feat either.  There was a lot of banging and shoving and cursing, but eventually we (mostly Nick) got the ironwork back in place.

So the final product…

IMG_8907 Ta dah!


IMG_8910 I love the shadows it creates!





Looks pretty cool, right?  I think Nick did an awesome job and we got it pretty close to the house we stalked, especially given that their ironwork was set up a little different from ours.  And, I think this project will tie it very nicely once we paint the exterior trim and replace the windows.

What do you think?  What projects have you been working on lately?

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