Project Cookbook: Grilled Steak, Plums, And Bok Choy

by Kim on August 27, 2014

Grilled Steak, Plums, and Bok Choy; A perfect summer-time grilling recipe

I tried to make this Grilled Steak, Plums, and Bok Choy recipe last fall, but I somehow missed the plum window and couldn’t find this delightful little stone fruit anywhere, so this recipe sat in my queue for nearly a year.  Well, the plums turned up two months or so ago in the store and I decided it was the perfect time to finally give this recipe a shot.  The presentation turned out awful (more on that below) and I was in the very beginning stages of being in a Project Cookbook rut (I actually think this was the first recipe I cooked that I didn’t write about for the last 4 months or so), that I never followed through with the blog post review of this summary grilled steak concoction.  Well, the stars finally aligned.  I’m moving out of my rut (with a fun, new twist by turning recipes into infographics) AND plums are in season, so let’s get YOU cooking this Grilled Steak, Plums and Bok Choy recipe.

Grilled Steak, Plums, and Bok Choy

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Grilled Steak, Plums, and Bok Choy recipe infographic

My Thoughts:

Grilled Steak, Plums, and Bok Choy; A perfect summer-time grilling recipe

I really love the simplicity of this recipe.  The ingredient list is super short (but I guess not short enough, because I totally forgot to sprinkle the dish with the toasted sesame seeds at the end) and it cooks up pretty quickly.  One lesson I learned from cooking this once before is you are better off buying under-ripe plums and instead of trying to half the fruit around the pit, simply start cutting pieces off, leaving some of the fruit around the pit.  This is a thousand times easier than trying to twist the fruit off the pit.  The under-ripe plums will stay nice and firm on the grill, whereas a ripe plum will likely get too mushy and fall through the grates (that’s exactly what happened to me on my first attempt).  The sweetness will definitely come through in the under-ripe plums, so don’t worry about that!  Back to my review.  The grilled steak is lightly seasoned by the soy sauce and the bok choy has a nice charred flavor from the grill.  In my opinion, the plums definitely make this dish very unique as well as very seasonal.  Nick and I also found this recipe to be quite filling.  It must be all that protein!  I’d definitely make it again!  Looking to use up some of your late summer stone fruit?  Give this recipe a try!

Grilled Steak, Plums, and Bok Choy; A perfect summer-time grilling recipe

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