Sell What You Grow From Your Garden In Dallas

by Kim on March 26, 2015

Sell what you grow in Dallas

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Dallas passed a new measure that allows citizens to sell what they grow.  I’m actually in the works of getting my own garden set up, so this news was very fitting for what’s going on in my own back yard.  If you are growing a garden on a residential property, you have to sell your produce off-site, say at a local farmers market, like the Good Local Markets.  Of course selling through those farmers markets does have an application process and fees, but it does open up doors for those who have found a niche in their own back yard.  If the garden is on a commercial property, the produce can be sold directly there.  Finally, the new measure allows gardens to have chickens and fish as well as outlines how tall raised beds and structures can be without counting as additional structures on the property, making the process of staying within the city code much easier.

As for my garden, I’ve gone the straw bale route.  More on that another day, but here is a little preview:

Straw Bale Garden

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